Day 7 - Shared Experience

March 22, 2020    covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has to be the largest shared experience among humanity that we’re all experiencing separately. I can’t think of another episode in modern history where nearly every human experienced in their own way. And there really can’t be another event where we experienced completely separate from one another.

Think about something like 9/11. Only a few of us truly had to take some sort of action during 9/11. Some of us had to run away. Some of us gave blood. But not all of us had to take action to avoid greater calamity.

This is what makes the Covid-19 pandemic so different. All of us are actively participating in an event, creating our own experiences, but we’re all doing it alone. We’re all sharing in the same experience, but it’s different for all of us. Some of us will be proud of our actions. Some shameful. But we’ve all created our own story during this pandemic.

It’ll be interesting how this shared, but private, experience plays out once this is all said and done.